3 Nov 2007

You Are My New Hero

Last night, I was decided to finish The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho. I would have to say that it wasn't very interesting at first because, well I have my own look on things. And to be honest, I never really thought I'd be able to finish it because if I find the start of a book uninteresting, for that matter, I only end up reading up to the first chapter. But The Alchemist was different, I tell you. Through out the story, it became more and more interesting. Santiago learns a lot of things as the story unfolds. About omens, alchemy, traveling to Egypt, the pyramids, and the treasure that he's after. The people he meets, the love he feels, and becoming wiser. All in all, I take back what I said about it, being boring and all. Because it's a good book. And Paulo Coelho, as we all know is a good writer. Need I say more?

Going back to what I've always read, they were mostly about a teenager's life, falling in love and such. And most of the time, after reading the book, I'd end up finding myself dreaming, wishing, hoping.. that my life would be as exciting as theirs. But who am I kidding right? It was fiction; and I live in the real world. And no matter how much I desire of being these girls in the books, there is no way that it could happen.

Maybe you understand me. Getting a hang over after reading something. Even a story in Quizilla could make you feel excessive pain, or joy, or excitement! But we just have to put in mind, that it's not our story. And somewhere along time, we are bound to feel excruciating pain, overwhelming joy and nonstop excitement. We are, and we know it. As the book I've read last night calls it, our Personal Legend. Something that nobody can take away from you.

You can say that I've gotten carried away. But you can also say that I have realized so many things while reading it. Don't you think?

Now I am convinced that after going on line for a few hours, I have nothing to do. So when my dad woke me up, I told him to buy me a book. Pride and Prejudice of course. Because after watching Becoming Jane, I have decided that reading her books would be not a waste of time at all. And besides, she's a world-known author and I must read her books. Also, reading it would make me understand the movie better. Although reading first would help me a lot, and I'd see right away, what have gone wrong in the movie. And at this moment, I shrug. Because I have nothing else to say.

The other night, while watching Becoming Jane, I have noticed that thin was not in back in the days. Englishmen preferred, well.. how do I put this - ah, women with extra baggage. And it makes me wish that I was born during the 1900's. Wearing all those customized dresses, the tight corsets and such. Wouldn't it be great? Hah, who am I kidding. And the night after that, I saw In The Land of Women. Honestly now, I only wanted to see it because Adam Brody looked rather great in it. Pathetic right? But you have to admit, he did look hot there. Well maybe he really is. You all know that, don't you? Okay, okay, shutting up.

So moving on to a better topic: Grey's Anatomy, Season Four.

Are you currently watching it? I mean, I haven't seen a single episode yet! Just because I was waiting for them to release the complete season on DVD. How impossible is that right? It would take them ages before they ever release it! But I'm still waiting. In the mean while, I'm actually thinking about Gossip Girl. I have never read the book, but I'm planning to. How many Gossip Girl books do they have anyway?

Is it just me or did I suddenly become a movie / sitcom whatever freak? Hah, I don't know if you can answer that but I do think that yes, I have become this let's-watch-movies-til-the-end-of-the-world person. Maybe there's nothing left to do, and yes, there isn't. My parents didn't let me go to school this week (I had classes during Tuesday and Wednesday) but told me I should have a break. And I can't wait to get back to school, sew the dress, finish it and hang out with my friends. I miss Makati, my partner in crime (Aki), my teachers, Ate Milka and Ate Jen. Oh well, two days to go and I'm back to the old routine.

Happy birthday, Chelsie. :) I miss you!

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