9 Nov 2007

In This World of Big and Small

Thursday is a different story. Aki wasn't there, and I managed to almost finish the dress that I'm making. Sorry loves, no more Pride and Prejudice talk for now. Well that's what my best friend, Jobel calls it. My moment wherein the vocabulary I use is just incredibly deep for some reason. But since I haven't been reading Pride and Prejudice again due to my business, and since I barely have time here at home because I'm usually in front of this computer, then I'd have to say goodbye to it for a while (a few hours, yes). But since it's a Friday, and my Fridays are meant to be spent at home, being a couch potato and practically watching Detective Conan, and in this case, reading. So today, I would have more time to indulge in my favorite pass time: reading. It is actually the one thing I will never get tired of.

So anyway.. THURSDAY. Went to school, right? Then went to Glorietta with Jobel to wait for Monty because he's going to pick us up there. We waited for a few minutes then he arrived (hooray!). After that we went to Pasig because Monty had to talk to his band's producer and get a copy of their third album (UP AND COMING). You should watch out for it, I heard the songs and they're really good. Mayonnaise's music is no heavier and trust me, it's a good album and it's gonna be worth your money. The album launch (according to Monty) is on December 23. Better be there. After Pasig, we went to Tiendesitas to watch Urbandub because they had a shoot for MTV Sessions and they did it there. They were good; but good is such an understatement. They were SUPERB, GREAT, AMAZING! Agree?

This is the only picture I have with some of the band people. Yes, I am actually in this photo - peeping down there. See me now? This shot was taken by Monty using Jobel's camera. Look, I would've brought mine but my mother took it without asking permission. But what can I do, right? She's my mother. Moving on, that's Poch in the cap. He's Mayonnaise's new bassist, then Nico over there (he's looking at the cam). And lo and behold, Jobel's big face. Priceless isn't it? Next time I get to hang out with them or something, I must make sure to bring my camera.

My father, who also watched Urbandub, became a bigger fan than he already was. He kept texting me and telling me galing nila. Which is non other but true. And who wouldn't agree with such comment, right? "They're tight" - said my father.

Aside from such happening, I woke up at around 11.30 today. And the sleep I had a few hours ago; superb. I don't remember anyone trying to wake me up (which is good). The only thing I can sort of remember was I woke up, probably around 9am and the sun was shining. Then two hours later, it was gloomy outside. I love the rain. And I love gloomy weather. The it's-dark-and-windy-outside-I-think-it's-gonna-rain weather. It's actually my excuse of wearing my scarf. Same thing goes with wearing stockings, hoodies and winter stuff. Bear with me.

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