5 Nov 2007

The Big Red Dot

When I woke up this morning, I had a horrible feeling that my period had already started. Wishing luck was on my side, but then it isn't. I do have my period. And as awful as it may sound, I am sort of thinking twice if I should go to school today. The only thing that could make me go to school (or the only person, rather), is Aki. No other than my partner in crime. Looky here, he just sent me an SMS saying that he's going to school. You know what this means.

If you hadn't noticed, I already put up my dailies. Yes, they're blogs too (or sites, nonetheless) - but they're fashion blogs. They upload pictures of fashionable people and whatnot, which I find incredibly interesting. I've been into too much western fashion, something that screams London and New York. Something well-put together but it doesn't seem like I made too much effort on. Something incredibly laid back with a dash of complexity and elegance. Do you get me here? Hah, as much as I want to dress up in such manner, sometimes I just stick to the ordinary. But then I think, what could go possibly wrong? If I don't like the outfit, I'd feel bad the whole day and lack self-confidence. But I could always edit it right? Since I've made such a mistake mixing and matching this and that, I can always - ALWAYS change it the next time I actually decide that I can give it another try. And these blogs on my dailies are worth the look and worth the time. But I can't help on wishing for a cooler weather. Do you agree with me? It's easier to dress up if it's really cold. Because I love to layer! If not then I'd just put on a nice top with shorts or something since I am fond of wearing them. And I'm sort of deciding if I should make a blog like those. And it could be a nice excuse for me to meet fashionable people as well. But I do hope they're not too arrogant and disagreeable.

Anyway! - off I go to school. Can't wait to show Aki my outfit.

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