14 Nov 2007

A new way to make you get sick

Here I am, typing away in my mom's computer. I'm currently waiting for her to get home since it's practically my job to wait for people who aren't home yet. When my dad's still out, or my mom, and even my brother! So this is basically my nature. *shrugs*

Today it seems that I'm the only one who isn't tired one bit. Because I didn't go to school since my mom forgot to give me my daily allowance. My father went to school, so has my brother and my mom has an engagement this evening; and I base this on how she was dressed up. And honestly, I was surprised she actually dressed up rather well and she didn't need my help on it. I love my mom's outfit.

And speaking of outfits! Last Monday, November 12, I was dressed like a boy! The only thing that made me look a bit feminine (read: a bit) were my MASCULINE EARRINGS! Imagine that ha. My lightning bolt earrings actually made me look like a Japanese boy; plus the hair cut and outfit. Picture this, I was wearing my camera shirt (the one from Human), black skinny jeans, black vest and my pink chucks. Come to think of it, it weren't the earrings, it were the shoes for real. Due to this.. happening (for the lack of a better term), I am now forced to dress up in a girlier scheme. Well my choices of clothing for the past weeks and even months were on the girly side although the colors I mix and match are not very feminine (see here). I play around with monotones most of the time. And if not with very similar-looking colors. Or complete opposites. I play with my outfit. But then my outfit really depends on my mood. When I'm wearing a tank top, skinny jeans and skimmers - it means I'm really lazy. Same goes with a big shirt, shorts, leggings and flats. Even with a shirt, jeans and flip flops.. obviously. I can go on and on about this! My out of the ordinary outfits really depend if I feel it. And I just have to plan on what I'm wearing.

Yesterday, due to not being able to contain myself, I bought a new pair of sandals from SO F.A.B! They're so nice! And.. THEY'RE BLUE! My first ever pair of electric blue shoes. It's T-strapped, peep-toe and patented. Another great thing about it is that it's really comfy. And that it's on sale. Tell me about a girl who doesn't love with a capital L, SALES. 50% OFF!!! Oh how it makes me so happy. Another thing that actually excites me is wearing it, and also my ninong going to China and get me boots as pasalubong! You have no idea how much I wanted - and still want - to have boots. I hope he gets the right one. Flat, suede, scrunched boots. Just the way I want it.Something a bit similar to this one. This is quite nice isn't it? Whoever owns this is a luck owner. I wish there were more boots here in the Philippines. But then.. DAMN THE CLIMATE. The cool weather is a great excuse for fashionistas out there to pile on their clothes, wear coats, scarves, BOOTS. My mom always told me to dress accordingly to the weather. But I love hoodies, I wear then even when the sun's up. But it's different now. I now followed her advice. Although sometimes it's just very tempting to do so for the sake of fashion. It's different with Aki though, because as he always says: Fashion before comfort. What can I say?

I was browsing shoes in Rustans (Shangri-La) yesterday with my mom, tita Dee and tita Charu. The look on my face while checking out those amazing BUT expensive shoes. I'm very particular about Aerosoles, T and STEVE MADDEN - come on, his shoes are lovely! I was telling tita Dee that I need heels, she asked why and I said: party shoes. She agreed, it's very mortifying to appear at a party in flats - worse than that: very casual flats. Unless they're really dolled up, if not, forget wearing them on a night-out.

New York really is my dream destination. Other than that it just has to be London. Think of it this way: it's easier to dress up, layer, pile on random stuff on your body. The catch is, no one will care. T-Mobile's Sidekick, we don't have it here in the Philippines. Everybody has a LOADED credit card that's why it's easier to pay and shop through the Internet. And I just have second thoughts about buying here online. Although, I'd have to say it's all up to you, me.. US.

All hail the Internet. I actually get to browse for nice clothes. And get nice ideas for future get-ups. I wonder what should I wear tomorrow. Hmm.

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