10 Nov 2007

Today is My Day

Tell me of a girl who doesn't love shopping. And I bet you won't be able to answer. Basically, a girl is not a girl if she does not indulge in shopping, or even just desire of being able to. That's just stupid if you, a girl, don't.

Today was indeed a great day for me - I have said earlier (and also my mother), that it is my day. No doubt about it, I must say. My mom bought me a nice shirt - one that I have actually liked (or loved, if possible) since it came out. And also a pair of earrings that I can wear anywhere with anything! It just adds too much funk in my outfit. Out of the ordinary, I dare say.

I've been looking for this item for a long time now and the moment I saw it, I got it right away! But I'm still thinking about the neon-colored necklace (that has a lightning-bolt pendant). Maybe I should buy it tomorrow? But then I'd think about it, still.

If I didn't had an appointment with the dentist then I would have not went out at all. Since my Fridays and Saturdays are exclusively for myself. But I guess I made an exception? But it's been a great day. Not too much of a drag. Although our car's air con just won't work. Other than that, the day has been great. And I also had a hair cut!



I asked my new favorite hairstylist to make the top short, and also the back. And long at the bottom. More or so like a mullet. I like my hair short. Next time I'd have to make my hair a lot shorter.

After going to the dentist, we went back to Tiendesitas and met up with my Ninong Hans; one of my mother's good friends during college. We ate at this nice Italian restaurant in SM HyperMart which was right across Tiende. Apparently, andami na nyang utang sakin. And since he has mentioned that he's going to China next Sunday, then he asked me what I would want. My mother suggested him to get me boots because I always blabbed about how much I wanted to have a good pair. And luck must be on my side because he's getting me those! Oh joy! I asked for flat boots, the scrunchy, suede ones. And in black. I would want a royal blue pair but black is a lot easier to match with anything. So yes, I am getting boots soon! Maybe in three weeks or two weeks time? Hah, let's hope for the best. The sooner the better! Kidding.

You must be perfectly aware that I have been reading a great book (Pride and Prejudice). And you probably know that I decline to watch the movie if I haven't finished reading it yet. But yesterday was different. My boredom was winning against my will of just reading the book! But I cannot contain it any longer. So I watched it. Watched it thrice. Once before I went to bed, twice at the peak of loving it. And I still do. I always will.

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