4 Nov 2007

Also into Cats

Oh the joy! Life must be on my side. I finally got my hands on Pride and Prejudice. Are you aware of how much delight it has brought in my life? Reading books, simple pleasures and such. I have actually started reading it since this evening. And I think I'm already around chapter 8 or something like that. And believe me, read these old English novels (Classics), and you'll start having such deep vocabulary. Plus an annoyingly fake Brit accent! Really, I just had one a while ago. It actually helps if you imitate the way they talk to understand the deepness of the words more.

My mom's Laking National Card has finally come to use. The book I wanted wasn't really that expensive so we only ended up paying 1/3 of the price which is really good. Mom's really patient with all the point-collecting. My own Laking National Card, on the other hand, still hasn't been claimed by me because for some reason, I have lost the stubs; and recently, I just found them! So since I'm getting them here in the Antipolo branch, it would be easy.. a whole lot easier at that.

While we were on the way home, my brother (who was sick and stayed here) requested for a double cheese burger from McDonald's. I had suddenly noticed that most of the girls who live here in Antipolo (if not all) have the same fashion sense. Not that I'm ridiculing their styles, but it's too.. busy. I mean, there's just too much going on. The thick headband, pink top, shiny earrings, shiny necklace, shiny bracelet, shiny ring, flared pants and fake chucks. What could be more annoying that excessive matching? No offense to anyone here because I, myself might just try to pull off something similar but probably far from it. Go on with what you wear though, just make sure you can carry it well. That's my advice.

Tomorrow is a new week. And tomorrow is my dad's first day as a professor in UST (University of Santo Tomas). I wish him much luck because that's probably what he needs. The dress code for the teachers is killing him though. Polo, slacks, and definitely NO rubber shoes. Look, my father practically lives in a t-shirt, short pants, and rubber shoes! Now isn't that a complete opposite of his overall style? I feel for him, then. But tomorrow, it's time for me to go back to school. Not only me I think, but also the other high schoolers out there. Although I am no high schooler, I am a college student who isn't attending a regular university but instead is taking up a vocational course in Dress Making. Hey, at least I got some back ground.

So speaking of tomorrow, it's a Monday. And it's for sure, going to be a busy Monday - a very busy Monday at that! - and it's not even funny, not at all! The thing is, I still don't have an outfit to wear. Something that fits the weather. Something really nice yet laid back. So I was thinking about wearing this jersey dress I never wore, and my pink chucks. I'm going monotone tomorrow. Just because it's my new thing.

Just for the record, I'm saving up a huge amount of money just so I could go shopping. Shoe shopping. The shoes just have to be bought in TopShop or Zara. And I'm also going to buy the full-length leggings, the ones that go down to your ankles, yes those. Ah, I love shoes.

Those are from TopShop. The ones from Zara, well.. They're mostly high-heels but that's just because I'm trying to be more feminine and at the same time, trendier. How I love fashion.

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