1 Jan 2008

Happy '08!

I have been thinking hard if I should go to the My Chemical Romance concert because I just have this feeling that I'd still be able to see them in the future (whenever that is, I'm waiting). And well, March 09's Incubus is just so tempting, don't you think? I mean, MCR's a good band.. I love them (except for the third album which I don't love as much), but it's just not the same anymore. So I wound up with the thought that - NO - I won't see MCR. And besides it's my birthday the following day (haha promote!), my parents might not allow me to go out with my friends and have a night out.. somewhere. And besides, I'm saving up for a DSLR and it's gigantic flash.

So I'm still looking for bands to play on February 09. My production's first gig. If you're interested just click the link.

I can't wait to go shopping! And buy neww stuff for my 2008 wardrobe; like new pants, more short Like new pants, more shorts, new shoes, dresses, flipflops (iPanema and Havssssss!). Also, new hair. Should I cut it real short? Hmm. And since it's new year, I'd have to do something about my plans! Hah, and I want to make use of my planner. Sayang naman if I don't use it.
Seventeen feels so good. Hah, it probably feels the same only better. It's just a step (year) away from freedom.

I can't believe I'm saying this but I miss school; since what I'm doing now is different from college (vocational, yo!). And speaking of school, I'm going to find out the results to my USTET on the 28th so wish me luck. I wanna go to a university. Study Math (hahahahaha) and Science (HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA). My brain needs this.

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