29 Jan 2008

Great things happen

The day before my birthday, the same day of my celebration (25th), I received an SMS from my cousin who studies in UST saying that I actually passed the USTET. So imagine me in SHOPWISE (of all the places, right?) buying something to drink for my celebration. And my face was like "O_O" and ":O" or maybe "8O" that could also be "8D". As much as I want to deny how incredibly stupid I looked like while I was reading the message, but I do and that's fact. With no hesitation I sent a GM right away after receiving the message. It was a sort of overwhelming happiness. It's great to finally have a school. Before I was too decided upon entering CSB without knowing or acknowledging our financial capabilities. My parents were so supportive of me taking up Fashion Design & Merchandising in Benilde but later on forcing/convincing me to take up Multimedia Arts instead.. I agreed. Then all of a sudden, I couldn't enroll. Well I don't blame them. CSB is way too out of our league anyway. Too much. Anywayyy, so passing UST is a great way to start my birthday right? Although it's not my birthday yet during that time. Earlier that day I wasn't even feeling it. My day didn't really start right but my walking around Shopwise sort of helped.

My birthday celebration was even better. They were late, yes but it was still a lot of fun. And THEY LOVED THE FOOD! - WITH A PASSION, I tell you! We had a few shots, lots of laughs, all-girl dance party in my room, happy times, sweet moments.. you know those type of things. And to top it all off, I really had a great time.

All of the pictures are uploaded in my Multiply of course ;) It's for contacts only so be sure to add me up as your contact first.

So there. I'm actually 17 now. My parents still haven't given me anything. Except for my mom who bought me a pair of black skinnies that aren't really skinny (or tight) because it's a bit lose on my thigh and leg area. But the small is just too tight (I got the medium). It was on sale, and it's TERRANOVA! I love Terranova. So much for that, I might ask a pair of Nike Dunks from my dad. Christmas and birthday gift, mind you. I don't like asking them for something too much for just one occasion (i.e my birthday alone, just for Christmas). Just because I don't like giving them a hard time.. sometimes. But my dad wants to buy me the dress first (for prom) and the shoes and also the super pulido stockings/tights. Yes, I cannot wait for the Dunks. My shoe rack seems too dull without one. *tear*

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