20 Jan 2008

Laziness will kill you

Oh yes it will.

If you would notice, my layout is pre-made. Just because 1) I'm a bit too lazy to make my own; and 2) I can't think of something creative. If I were to be creative, that would only apply on photography and fashion. HTML and editing, I don't think so. Unlike before I would change my layout almost every week (or probably after a few days after I upload/post my new layout), but it's sort of different now obviously. But truth to be told, I already want to change my layout. I'm just waiting for the time when something inspires me.

Oh and HI, I'M GOING TO PROM AGAIN! Hah, I'm a bit more excited because.. I don't know? I just am. David (Espina) is going to be my date because I sort of forced him to. Yeah but when he said that he doesn't need a prom date anymore (cue: SOB), then he asked me to be his date again, I said yes! Without a doubt, yes! And I don't even have to ask my parents for permission because it's an automatic YES.. obviously. I mean, David and I have been extremely good friends for ages. And our moms, oh don't get me started. They've been best friends since I was in fifth grade. Now I'm already in college (currently taking a vocational course because my parents just won't send me to CSB) and they're still the bestest of friends. With additional crazy minds like Tita Tess and Tita Jeny. Insane. Okay so that's very off-topic. Speaking of PROM; a while ago, mom and I were looking around for new shoes for prom because I think it's going to be held at their principal's house (their school has very little population, so don't mind the fact that they're going to have their prom in her back yard, most probably), and I can't wear the heels that I wore during my prom and the LSGH prom because the heels are just sky high. So I'm looking for something a bit lower. Probably around two and a half inches? I don't know, just not four, please. Okay so we were looking around right? Then when we were in People are People, I FOUND A DRESS. Not like it's anything too significant and amazing because what I know, is that I already have a dress to wear (the one I wore in LSGH's prom). Then my parents told me that it was nice and all that so they'd get me that one for prom. So okay I was happy and all and yay I have a dress, and I MIGHT ALSO GET NIKE DUNKS FOR MY 17TH! Yay! *dances* Sam on the other hand, is getting a pair of Vans (the one with the maze-like print) because he's wearing those for prom. I'm glad he's getting a new pair of shoes because all he ever uses are his red futsal shoes. So we're both happy. And my parents are happy too. :D

Don't you think it's a great year? I think so too ;)

We're all hoping that this never ends. Let's pray harder, then :D

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karlabebi said...

I SUPER AGREE. I'd probably be double dead right now if your title is true. I just can't seem to find a permanent reason to perk me up and make me not procrastinate about stuff. Hayy.

Wow, that reminded me of our upcoming grad ball! Haha. Good luck to us, and our hopefully gorgeous dresses :)