23 Jan 2008

Bad things happen

There was this one whole week that I didn't go to class because I was too lazy. So instead, I hit the mall. That's what my parents didn't know. A while ago, my parents found out because I think the school I go to called here. They also called Cassie so it's just such a bummer. What do they know? It's so stupid though. Well anyway, my parents told me that I shouldn't do it again 'cause I did it only around four times. One whole week two weeks ago, my last school-day (Thursday) my parents knew that I was in Glorietta 'cause they were the ones who actually dropped me off and all. And then today because I wasn't in the mood at all. At first school was really great, I didn't wanna miss a class because I was feeling all happy and fulfilled, but after our Christmas vacation I just felt like bumming around with my friends! You know, the hangover you get when you just remain at this state where you don't do anything - yeah that, it's bliss. But since my parents sort of talked me out of cutting classes, I won't anymore. Thinking about the tuition fee they pay for me to be able to learn how to freaking sew. Makes me wish that I should have taken the USTET last year. :( My tuition was already good for a semester, I guess. Tsk tsk, it's just too severe. But at least I got to learn something during my spare time. And yes, I won't slack off anymore. As much as I hate to say this but I miss academics (Yes, math and science too).

Speaking of school, my mom wants to enroll me in LaSalle College International. Just this short course, Fashion Photography. And I really want it too! My dad was telling my mom not to get me into it and keep the money for my DSLR (YAY!) but her point was for me to have a certificate. I'd agree with the both of them. I want the DSLR, and I want the certificate. HERE I COME, PHOTOGRAPHY JOBS!

Her name's Cheska (aka BEBANG). This was last year, June. We went to this Toy Convention / Cosplay in Megamall. I love her outfit! I was just wearing this blue Chinese top, black skinnies and flipflops. How plain right?

And these lovely ladies are Ivana and Mie. I love them a lot. Shot on the same day. :)

It's funny how I can switch from this topic to that even if they're poles apart. Could be a gift?

Who could ever miss this?
Yeah, too bad right? But was it really suicide or was it drug overdose?
Wait, what's the difference? Psh.

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