8 Jan 2008

This pain will last forever

Call me a bad student because I didn't go to school and my parents sort of know I did. So keep your mouth shut and let's be good friends. Anyway I just hung out with my friends (from school) because we were all too lazy to go to school. Maybe I can tell my parents that I'm just not in the mood to go there but then that means no allowance. Sob. Oh, and you don't have to worry or whatsoever because I still have plans on going to school, just.. not now. The head-master is gheyyyyy. Don't ask me why.

Do I look happy? I am. Well no, not because of him dummy. He's Aki, just so you know. Well don't ask anything else. Basta ako, masaya. :)

Tomorrow's a new day. With new people (not really). And I'm going out with Chelsea and do girl stuff. I'd have to go with her to Nail Spa tomorrow just so she'd experience the whole being prepped up thing. She likes the idea.

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