13 Feb 2010

Fashion Blog? Photo Blog?

I don't really know how to categorize my blog as a fashion blog or a photo blog since I'm pretty random with the things I post. But wouldn't it be cool if this would be a blog about fashion? Just saying. Honestly, putting a single theme and applying it to everything I post might be hard. Nakakatuyo ng utak. If you didn't understand that, never mind.


Whatever! Must stop thinking about a theme. This is my blog and I'll post whatever I want. HAH. On the other hand, I am still stressing over Adobe Lightroom. The interface is so confusing and it's being slow, IDK why. I do hope I get a hang of it soon because it seems fun to use. Too bad for the textures I downloaded earlier - wouldn't be able to make use of them soon. Well, not really but whatever. Right now I'm just editing my friends' photos for fun, trying to befriend Lightroom as if we've known each other for months and not mere hours.

Hah, it's as if I don't have NSTP to attend tomorrow morning. I'm still up even if I should already hit the sack. HOW CAN I SLEEP IF I KNOW THAT SOME HOT GUY IS OUTSIDE MY HOUSE RIGHT NOW, HANGING OUT WITH MY BROTHER HUH? Ugh, my brother's friends are so good looking.. annoyingly good looking in that rustic way. Plus, this guy's like Filipino-Spanish-Chinese. How do you imagine a guy with that much nationality in his blood? *Sigh. Nicole Torres, you know what I'm talking about here. His presence is tormenting me! Well, not as much as that guy I usually see in the train does.. especially what SD does to me! Oh my. Me and my horrible, horrible luck. Can't step up to a cute guy unless I've known him for ages or we're good friends. MLIA. I wish I had more guts in me. GLAD I DON'T.

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