16 Feb 2010

Fresh From Tumblr

Since I am too lazy to update my blogspot (which I won’t be posting the link of), I am going to update here since it is a lot easier. Haha! Lazy me.

Let’s begin, shall we?

So I’m going to start off with the fact that my parents left me home alone - penniless - again. Even if I’ve already mentioned that I’ll be seeing a movie with my friends today, they only ignored me.. like they always do. Not being emo here or anything, it just sucks that they don’t acknowledge the fact that I am only human and I need to have as much fun as I need. Oh well, parents are just.. annoying sometimes.

Another dilemma I am going through as a teen is having fashion mishaps / troubles. You don’t know how much this is hurting me. Not being able to cope with the fashion world sucks. A world that I FIRST belonged in. Remember, before being a photographer, I was in fashion school and that it is my first love? So there. Now you know. So yes, I am actually having problems with it. The trends are killing me since I don’t get to shop as much anymore.. seeing that I am always in my uniform anyway (which sucks big time), my parents don’t buy me clothes that I don’t need. They would only buy me black shoes and black pants. FML. Isn’t it annoying? Ugh. I wish I transfered to UP-D and took up Clothing Tech like Tin Iglesias. There, nobody would care about what you’re wearing. It would also be easier for me to travel seeing that it’s only one ride away from where I live. By transferring there, my parents would also consider buying me more stuff that aren’t in BLACK because there is no required uniform WHICH IS JUST SO GREAT. Oh yes, regrets regrets. I should have transferred last year when I had the chance. :( It would have been great though because my parents wouldn’t worry about the tuition fee so much plus my allowance. Also, my brother might transfer to Ateneo next semester if ever he gets accepted to their football team or if ever he passes the ACET. Is it too late to transfer?

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