11 Feb 2010

Let me take you down, 'cause I'm going to strawberry fields, nothing is real

Been listening to The Beatles the whole week that's why I came up with The Beatles week for Nicole and I. We'd only be posting lines from their songs as our Facebook status. Isn't it fun?

Anyway, a lot of things have been coming up. I haven't been able to use my super lovely planner in the past two weeks because of my laziness. Updating my blog(s) are on the bottom of my to-do list too. Well I should start filling it up with.. err.. stuff. Like deadlines and appointments and stuff like that.

Regarding school, I'm so excited for the juniors' upcoming fashion show, Year Zero. The theme's somewhere in between Apocalyptic and the end of the world which is pretty creepy. I only thought a few minutes ago that since the theme is like that, I wanted to wear white Doc Marten boots (which I don't have) with my high-waisted Zara silk skirt (in pewter). I haven't decided with the top yet. I'm exerting so much effort right now, obviously because I haven't dressed up nicely for quite some time now. I'm always in tank tops, shorts, cardigans and flats. Seriously, it does not amuse me to be in this outfit 24/7 (other than my school uniform). The event is two weeks away and I'm completely broke; it's a great thing that I was able to go shopping last week and there are a few clothes in my closet I haven't worn yet. Majority of which are skirts. Makes me wish I bought more tops. Oh well, I guess it's time to go to me and my mom's favorite outlet again.

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