18 Feb 2010

Why Don't You Play the Game?

Currently browsing fashion trends for this year since the only access I have right now is the Interweb (thank God!). No more magazines plus I don't get to see my loving fashionista BFFs anymore which is already too bad. I'm not saying that my UST friends are unfashionable, they are.. it's just too mainstream for my liking. That's why I always find myself in a tee, shorts and flats. My new default outfit for the summer.

Anyway, I would really like to get my hands on a few new shoes, accessories, and clothes of course. Oh, and I am also planning to change my 'do for 2010. I'm tired of having stupid-looking blonde hair paired with stupid-looking black eyebrows so I decided to cut my hair short again.. SHORTER than I had it before, and I'm having it dyed back to black again. I wanted something like Agyness Deyn's hair with longer bangs. Or something like Mara Reyes' (PRP Season 1). Whatever.

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