1 Oct 2010

It's Time to Blog

Notice the title? I kind of borrowed a song title from Panic! At the Disco (It's Time to Dance, anyone?), one of my favorite bands back in high school.. around four years ago. Wow, time travels fast! Damn, I should be taking my thesis right now. I just had to take up fashion first though. Just because.

Anyway, I'm in my dad's place right now, typing away! His place is actually very nice and clean. The men in my family. Blah. My brother's room is cleaner than mine. I wonder why? Oh right, maybe because I'm such a klutz. Aren't girls supposed to be the cleaner ones? What ever happened to that? It basically isn't that big but it sure was better than I expected! I guess I'll start staying here more often.

Last night, I had my third tattoo done! I wouldn't be able to post a picture of it yet, though since Tyler's still broken and I have to bring him to Canon's service center. I really need to get him fixed ASAP! Anyway, I had my friend Gab (yes, the same Gab from A Boat Called Disaster) design it. He actually gave me two gift certificates from P&P Tattoo & Body Art but I was only able to use one since it clearly states that it can only be used by one (GC) per person. But thank you, Gab! I can't remember how many times I've thanked him since he decided to just give me the GCs! What a great way to end my first Ber month for 2010! I was actually supposed to pick up the design and the gift checks the other day (September 29) but failed because I had to study for a graded recitation (which did not happen) so I just passed by for 'em yesterday. I was behind schedule because I left the house pretty late because of the rain. So I decided to cut my only class with Desiree (one of my blockmates) as she accompanied me to get it. I feel bad that neither of us had a camera but it's all good. I'll just ask someone else to take a picture of it.

That's it for the day. I have to leave for school now. I better think of something to do after class!

I am such a sad excuse for a girl.

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