17 Oct 2010

Hello, Sembreak!

I know, I know! I'm a day late. Sue me! But who cares? At least I'm still posting something regarding the topic almost every college student is thrilled about.

This past week has gone too slowly to my dismay. Actually no, make that the past weeks. I've been sleepless, moody, and out of it for most part! And it isn't any fun. The only thing that made me get through all these stuff was the thought of when it's all over, I can have my freedom (from stress). And that was good enough. On my last day of classes which was Friday, I had to get a lot of things printed and the lines were too long and it just annoyed me. I was such a bitch to everybody who got in my way. Even after I managed to submit all the papers and plates due, I was still in a hurry for no reason at all. You know, adrenaline.

Now that's all over, I can finally relax in my over-sized shirts and underwear at home. And wear tights with a nice dress when I go out - not the usual black skinny jeans and uniform blouse to school.

As a reward to myself (other than sleep, that is), I bought a new shade of lipstick!
This isn't the exact same thing but the shade is similar to this. It's called sheer pinkish nude. Ohmygod, I'm such a girl. If you knew me back in high school, I wasn't really the kikay type so to speak. I only carried baby powder around and that's it. At times my mom would get mad at me for not bringing a bag at all because I really don't bring anything when we go out, I usually just put my money in my pocket. PLUS, I have lived in a shirt, jeans and sneakers for all eternity! Thanks dad. It was only after college that I learned to - say - dress up and put on make up. I've always been one of the boys.

Anyway, I'm really excited to go out soon because I really want to wear this new tint I got! Well I already tried it on of course and it looks perfect. I'll get another one some time next week. Tee-hee. Me and my simple pleasures.

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