26 Oct 2010

Nice to Know You

I'm beginning to notice how much this feels
Like a waking limb... in pins and needles,
Nice to know you, good-bye

These are the lyrics to Incubus' song, Nice to Know You. And it has been indeed nice to know you. University Rock on Nu107 has ended - the last episode aired last night and I can't feel any worst. Being a part of NU107 (The only radio station in the Philippines who play rock music all through out) and let alone, University Rock has been an honor. The last batch of student DJs, that's what we (Annie, Izzy, Erika, Lisane and Rica) are - or were for that matter. We didn't get paid, we didn't get laid, but we got to meet awesome people, talk on the radio about meaningless stuff and blab about the collegiate life.

For the record, I always knew this was my calling (one of the many few, actually). When I was around seven, I told my dad that I want to be a DJ because they just seem to have the awesome-st jobs ever! And he said that it takes a lot to be one. They don't just TALK on air. And in URock, that I've learned.

I remember the first time I spoke on the microphone to answer Job's (from batch 2 of Urock) question about my (now non-existent) tongue stud. I ended up stumbling about how my mom reacted when she saw it and all that. Also boarding with my URock bestie, Annie who is from CSB and playing band alphabet with Corporate Skyscrapers from CSB, Ateneo and DLSU. They were a bunch of fun boys. Good times, good times. I feel bad that I only get to spend with my URock family for such a short time. It was really great when our boss, Sir Mico (aka Lord Vader) asked us if it was the first time we all met (Batch 3) because it seems like we've known each other for a long time.

Boarding with Izzy was great too. We had ABCD (Whom I blogged about around a month ago) and they were very nice as well.

I guess all I'm really trying to say is that.. I wish it didn't have to end so fast. But It was surely great while it lasted.

So now I bid my adieu to University Rock on NU107. The experience we had there are priceless. But the friendship I do know that the friendship we all had will last a lifetime. I will miss you, and we will meet again.

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