9 Mar 2012

Pseudo Fashion Entry

Disclaimer: This is my sorry excuse of a "fashion blog (post)".

Most of you probably know that I'm more of a comfortable dresser than a fashionable one. I always opt for lose tops, jean shorts or denim pants, and a pair of sneakers. But what I really love is accessorizing! Recently, my grandmother gave me a pretty fringe bag from H&M. Yes, you read that right.. my grandmother. Sadly, I don't have photos from my camera so I had to do away with Google instead.

Yes, that is the bag. I used to not be fond of bags but it's a great way to spice up my boring school uniform (especially when we're basically not allowed to wear it with anything but black trousers and black flats).

The brown one looks pretty fit as well. But me being me, I'd prefer black over any other color.

One of the great things I love about this bag is how roomy it is. You'll never guess! It fits all of the stuff I need for school and it's not that heavy. Plus, I know it's really sturdy unlike my previous bag (which I already put to rest).

On top of that, my mom also managed to score an extremely roomy Liz Claiborne bag.

I love big bags!

The legs at the bottom are also an amazing feature.

And you've all seen my sequined Union Jack bag from Accessorize, right?

You might have noticed how spiced up my new bags are. Great for my monotone / plain outfits, yes? Now, I must invest in good watches.


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