13 Mar 2012

Le Portfolio

I don't know how many attempts I've made to build my portfolio, and the number of times that I just became plain lazy are probably twice as these so-called attempts. But now that I am almost done with school, and sooner or later I'd already have to help out with the bills. So maybe I should just become dead serious about this matter and just - for the lack of a better term - get on with it.

A Compilation of Sweet Nothings is my way of doing so. It's been up for a good couple of months now I just don't get to update it as much. Now I'm taking it more seriously since my career probably depends on it now.

Ya'll know I'm an art student. I draw, yes. Do some graphic design, yes. But my main focus and favorite medium is photography even before all the hype with DSLRs. Back then, I only used a 2-megapixel Canon Powershot. I had no idea what an aperture was, an ISO and so on. Here are some of my old works.

After this old digital camera, my dad decided to reward me with an upgrade. He got me a Canon PowerShot A630. It was great, you can swivel the screen, great for self portraits. Hehe.

When I started with college, that's when my parents got me a DSLR.

These photos will also be uploded in my portfolio. Hihi.

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