15 Jan 2012

Tonight, We are Young

Last night wasn't uneventful like I usually put it. The fourteenth of January was incredibly epic even if we waited for Ruther and Paul in Taft for three hours, give and take a couple of minutes.

We headed straight to The Fort to meet up with the rest of the gang and had a very light dinner at Mercato Centrale. Honestly, I was pretty hungry but didn't really notice anymore after eating one serving of those incredibly delicious cheesy potatoes and half of Ruther's red velvet cake.

After eating, we finally got reunited with Dave, Eunice, Cai and her boyfriend, Travis. We played our favorite songs in Cai's car, cranked up the volume and danced on the sidewalk. #ItsMoreFunInThePhilippines

Karla, Ruther and I imitating Crystal Castles.

Eunice, Karla, me, Ruther and Paul. This photo is very Skins (Season 1-4 only LOL)

Cute people are cute. (Cai, Karla, Dave and Ruther)

With Eunice and Karla.

Travis, Cai, Karla, Dave, Eunice, Ruther and Paul.

Mother and son.

Black shoes for us four. (Karla, me, Ruther and Paul)

By the end of the night that all the dancing made me burn some fat and not jogging wasn't really a very bad idea (yes, we were supposed to jog around The Fort).

I wish for more nights like this. Let's make a repeat.

Kudos to Paul who I, Eunice, Cai and Travis just met on this night. It was as if we all knew each other for ages!

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