15 Jan 2012


I had to blog about this one way or another. And since it's 2012, I decided to list down twelve things that I want to accomplish this year.

  1. No hair cuts for 2012. Yes, this is it.. I'm actually going to give growing my hair out a chance. Just in case. I mean, I've had short hair for as long as I can remember and change would be good for my so-called image or lack thereof.
  2. Spend less, save more. During the past year, I've been an impulsive buyer - so out of my nature! I used to be thrifty and I think about each and every one of my purchases. But then something clicked and I just started to go on a shopping rampage!
  3. Lose weight. This one is probably included in every girl's resolution. I'm posting this blog post a little late but my friends say that I have been getting thinner. But I haven't weighed in ages! Now, I must buy a weighing scale to keep track of them pounds.
  4. Keep healthy. Lessen cigarettes (and other vices), eat food with more nutrients and minimal to no preservatives, yoga and jogging at least twice a week. I really hope I can keep this one. Even if my thesis, family and friends are taking up all my time (I'm not complaining), I hope I manage to find some free time. I only need a couple of hours for it anyway.
  5. Halt procrastinating. Could be the hardest thing on my list since I work better under pressure but it just has to be done.
  6. Stop letting my fears get in the way of my dreams. Being safe doesn't take a lot but being happy is a different story. 2011 flew by so quick that I only realized now that my fears have gotten in the way of achieving what I truly deserve. So for this year, I'm all about taking risks. It doesn't matter if I get hurt because it's a part of the whole idea and the learning process is what's important. So this year I'm living fearlessly; fix my issues, my problems.. myself. Move on from events that have truly affected me in the past year and start living in the moment. And guess what? I'm doing just that.
  7. Make things happen. Plans are only plans if you don't take action - I have so much of this in my head but I have to admit that I'm not really doing anything to make any of these happen.
  8. Time management 101. I really suck at this that's why I tend to do things at the last minute. Just like what my mom says, there's a time for everything.
  9. Be nicer to my mom. My mom's a nagger and is overly dramatic - I blame it on the hormones. I've been really stingy towards her because of what happened before (her and my dad splitting up) plus all the teenage drama in my life (not like I'm still a teenager but whatever, I'm expecting you to know what I mean.) and she deserves some credit. So this year I will be sweeter, nicer and all things positive towards the woman who bore me in her womb for nine months and went through labor for hours.
  10. Travel more. If you've read my previous post, it's no secret that I've been dying to leave the country but how can I leave something I barely even know? Makes sense, right? Therefore, I decided that this year will be filled with out-of-town travels. This year I missed Sinulog Festival in Cebu so me and my friends promised each other that we'll surely make it in 2013. Also, we've already made plans for several trips for the summer which makes me quite excited.
  11. Surround myself with the right people. In the process of reinventing myself, I have made different sets of friends, most of them weren't exactly for keeps but I was blessed enough to have met people who stuck around despite my moodiness, and I want to meet more people like that.
  12. Get to know myself. I know that somewhere down the battlefield, I lost my identity. I went through so much shit last year that I didn't even notice how much different I am now from how I was before. Don't get me wrong, I like the new me better than the old me (high school days) but I suddenly don't know exactly what I want. This 2012 will have more me time.

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