23 Jan 2012

Red Lipstick

It all started on the 21st of January when Karla and I decided to be productive instead of just slacking off everywhere we go. So I asked her to bring her laptop with her that day so I can at least work on my thesis. She brought her other school stuff too and we helped each other.

The day started with us hanging out for a bit at Shangri-La where we basically did almost nothing except for recording some crazy videos and take pictures. At around 7PM, we decided to head over to Moonleaf to continue our school work. I'm happy to announce that I was able to finish some of the stuff that I needed to do. Karla, too! So I rewarded myself by playing Temple Run (disclaimer: extremely addicting game) on Karla's iPod Touch, and we took a lot of pictures.

This is where the red lipstick comes in. I tried Karla's miraculously awesome red "lipstick". It's the first time I wore red lipstick outside the comforts of my bedroom. It worked extremely well with minimal make up.

With my long lost and new found friends, Cody and Leo! You're probably wondering how I met Cody, well I met him back when I was still in high school, and he, in elementary. It's really nice to have seen him again after all these years.

We stayed 'til closing because we waited for someone who we couldn't (almost) last a day without.

Yes, the person I'm referring to is Ruther. It's just weird to not to be with him even for just a day because the three of us are always, always together! We left shortly after he got there, though. Since we basically have nothing to do there anymore.

The following day (a Saturday), I met up with the two (Karla and Ruther) in Trinoma to go around for a bit since it was still quite early. Honestly, I don't like going to that mall because it was congested with people. I mean, I'm not claustrophobic or anything like that and I'm not anti-social, but sometimes (for me), being around with so many human beings in the day time wears me out.

We had late lunch / merienda at Teriyaki Boy wherein Karla and I decided that it was our cheat day.
We had two platters of California Maki (the three of us shared this), Buffalo Wings and rice (Ruther's), my Tempura Sashimi Tartare, and Karla's Salmon Sashimi. Look, I'm not really sure what most of them are called but they're all freaking good.


After satisfying our hunger / cravings, we picked Dave up at Moonleaf Maginhawa and then proceeded to Taft. On the way there, we recorded a bunch of videos that we have yet to upload on YouTube. So sorry about that.

We stayed in McDonald's Taft for a little bit and hung out with Willar Mateo who was an awesome designer.

Willar and Dave.

Obligatory group shot.

Sporting red lips like the previous night. I'm loving this look too much. Note to self: Must buy blood red lipstick.

 After staying in Taft for a bit, the four of us headed to Mercato. We played a game in the car wherein you get points if you guessed the title of the song and the artist correctly. One point for each. It got kind of crazy, they were all so into it! I was the one in charge of the songs so I couldn't join, obviously.

With Dave and Karla. Willar took this photo while Ruther was in the car, sleeping.

After having a super light dinner (I had peppered corn. Who does that?), we went to Cubao Ex since we haven't been there for a while.

The night didn't end in X, of course. After we dropped Rutherford off at his house, Dave and Willar at Ayala, Karla and I went back to Mercato. Can you guess why?

After having pesto pasta (my favorite) and isaw (Karla's meal) over an interesting conversation plus walking around a bit to sight-see, we headed home. Another fun night, as usual. Too bad Eunice, Paul, Cai and Travis were M.I.A. But there's always next time!

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