1 Jan 2012

Firsts and Lasts

It's been quite some time now since I actually blogged about something.. with sense. During the past weeks, I did nothing but rack my brain for some decent topic to talk about or discuss and whatnot on this poorly updated online journal. What have I come up with so far? Oh dozens. Dozens of blog entries created in my mind that I cannot put into words. Now here I am, typing randomly.. aimlessly. Since it's already 2012 (can you believe that? What the hell happened to 2011?!), I just thought it would be appropriate to write something about the past year.

December 21, 2011. The day I was kidnapped by Karla Ynzon and Rutherford Perez. I just finished work (as an events photographer for the Quezon City Government) when Karla sent me a message via BBM asking where I am. So naturally, I told her that I was in QC. Apparently, she was there, too. So a little background story here, Karla and I were already together the day before (we went to Shang then ended up in Rockwell) but I had to go home a bit early because I had a photog stint the next day with my dad in QC. And then when I was done with work, she surprised me (and not to mention, my dad) by saying that she'll pick us up and drop us off at home. I really wanted to decline because papa and I were so tired (we worked the whole day), all we wanted to do at that very moment was to go home, shower and take a nap for a while. But she was so persistent and I couldn't say no to her so I said yes. Wanna take a guess where we ended up? Well we ended in Maginhawa Street. Apparently, we were going to hang out first before she brings me home. Dad didn't want to join (obviously) so he left the moment we got there (Sorry, papa!). From that point, I knew I didn't have a choice anymore so I just went along with it. Ruther (our other friend who was with us) had to leave early because he had this dinner thing with his block mates so he left. And like always, Karla and I decided that we were going to The Fort. Okay, we didn't have to decide. We both knew that we always, always end up there. It almost never fails. But before going there, I begged her to pass by Tiendesitas so I can buy a shirt because I was still wearing the same shirt I wore to work and it was already freaking stinky! Good thing she said yes. One shirt became two. I couldn't resist! They were so cheap. Anyway, I got this aztec-print cropped top that I wore for the rest of the night (the other shirt I got was a sheer leopard-print button-down).

So anyway, after successfully buying two shirts, we then headed to The Fort where Cai (our super cute friend) and Eunice (our other kaladkarin friend, hehe) followed. Cai, Karla and I had a mug of beer at Roadhouse. This is what the mug looked like.

Oh, that's Cai in the background. Those liter draft beers were just too much. I had to share mine with Eunice and two other people.

And before you get ahead of yourself, we saw Ruther in The Fort too, with his blockmates this time. So we told them to join us. The other people who drank from my beer are from their group. Cai and Karla finished theirs. Damn.

Once we were done with those monster-sized mugs, we left and headed over to Cable Car. I saw some of my friends who were there with me the last time and I wasn't surprised at all. Anyway, we played an intense game of foosball. Actually, I played four games. Won most of it. I feel so proud of myself.

Karla and I.

With Rutherford. Excuse my face.

Rutherford, Karla and I (plus Ruther's friend). Don't judge us please.

That's it for the 21st of December. We had other escapades, of course. We just didn't have pictures.

As for the Last Friday Night of 2011, I was kidnapped again by Karla and Ruther when I was supposed to do my thesis. They tricked me into saying yes by telling me that Mercato was open. It wasn't.

Would you like to know where we ended up in?

This is SLEX. Hmm.

Okay we ended up in Nuvali. Just at the foot of Tagaytay. Only to buy some overpriced frappuccinos from Starbucks. Well done. We went to Cable Car after to have a bottle of beer. Not bad.

I'm pleased that this is what I did on the last Friday of 2011, knowing that Saturday was for my Family. All in all, I must say that the holidays have been great. Thank you so much to the people I spent it with. So happy that I got to spend time with you guys!

Tell me about your Last Friday of 2011!

I was going to include some New Year stuff here too but I got too lazy. Mehehe. I'll save that for the next entry.

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