25 Jan 2012

Pre-Birthday Post: A Wish List

By now, you're probably aware of how semi-obsessed I am with compiling photos of things I want and including them in my *insert occasion here* wish list. And now I did it again since I have the perfect excuse to do so because my birthday is coming up! Here are the things that I would really want to have at the moment.

Four Year Strong Live in Manila tickets. It's no secret that I'm a pretty big fan of FYS and I couldn't pass up the chance of going to their concert even if it's during my (thesis) defense week. The ticket prices cost a bit more than how much I'm willing to pay though.

Nothing screams comfy than an over-sized top. I'm obsessed with these kinds of apparel lately and I don't think it would hurt to own some more.

Dresses. These are all from Forever 21. Just in case you would want to buy me one.
A denim jacket (also from Forever 21) and a nice over-sized cardigan 'cause I never got around to owning another one after le ex boyfriend lost the one my mom gave me. 
New jeans for me, please! You see, I never really own a lot of jeans because each time I attempt buying a pair, there's always something wrong. It's either it's too short for me or the fit just seems a little off. So this year I'm really looking forward to the perfect pair since my favorite ones need to be put to rest.
Acid washed shorts from Forever 21. You might have noticed that I've been putting a lot of stuff from F21 on my wish lists, it's because they have branches here in the Philippines.

Dri-Fit Soccer shorts and these incredibly cute reversible mesh shorts from Nike. Remember one of my new year's resolutions wherein I promised to keep fit / healthy? Well yeah, I'm pushing through with that.

Because I just loooooooove Vans. Jesse Jo Stark's creepers for said brand and a pair of classic, all black Authentics. I was going to get the latter the previous year but I ended up buying the royal blue ones that I've wanted for quite some time just because they didn't have sizes for women during that period. 
Nike Air Max Women's in Grey / Blue Chlorine for jogging. I never had a pair of cross-trainers since sixth grade. Honest.

Girly shoes! The first one might not be too girly seeing that they're zombie flats (Iron Fist) but they're too cute to ignore. I can already imagine myself wearing them with my all-black outfits (default outfit 24/7). The Perfect Platform in Nude from Nasty Gal looks incredibly comfortable. So does the 99 lace booties from Jeffrey Campbell. Gorgeous shoes are gorgeous.
This Zip Satchel from New Look is the perfect size. Not too big, not too small and I'm pretty sure my wallet's going to fit inside! Thank you so much David for scoring me one. Such a nice early birthday gift but the thing is, I'm only getting my hands on it when he gets back from Dubai on May. It's all good, though!

Forever on my wish list. A 15" MacBook Pro.

I've been telling dad that I wanted a new lens for Tyler (My Canon 40D) and I think that Canon's 50mm f1.8 would be just fine. It's small which means it wouldn't make my camera any heavier! The lens I have now is pretty bulky which results to the laziness I feel of not lugging a camera around anymore. Which brings us to this beautiful Leica X1. Other than Canon digital cameras, I've always dreamed of having a Leica. The reviews are good and look at that posh, vintage design! Perfect for everyday use.

64Gig iPod Touch 4G to acomodate my wide range of music selection (LOLJK). I need to upgrade my iPod (I'm still using my 5th Gen iPod nano with the video camera) but I'm too attached to it so I won't be letting it go. The practical side of me would go for a 120Gig iPod classic but when my friends introduced me to Temple Run.. well, let's just say that my thoughts have changed. Oh, and all those cute photography apps! I'm a sucker for those things.

Gold Casio watches and Swatch watches, please! I never knew how good of an investment time-wear is until my mom got me this cute wrist-watch from Bench.

I wasn't a fan of red lipstick (at all) but when I discovered how dramatic it made bare faces look, I started working it everyday! And now I feel the need to invest on a good red lipstick. Must save up for MAC's Russian Red. Or you can always get me one, I won't complain. Teehee.

Last year I've been thinking of dyeing my hair an extremely shocking color but decided that a pastel shade would be even more shocking. But since I couldn't find the perfect hair dye here in the Philippines and I still can't get on with bleaching my hair because of school, I postponed it. But I've been looking up good dyes to use just in case the time comes wherein my hair's past my shoulders, healthy and good to go. Manic Panic's Virgin Snow for toning my future bleached hair, and once it's extremely white, I will be using Mystic Heather by the same brand. I really couldn't wait.

So there you have it. My wish list for my *gulp* 21st birthday. I don't know whether I should be excited or if I should dread this day. But I'm looking at the bright side!

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