5 May 2011

Extra Curricular

Yesterday has been absolutely uneventful and I mean it. I wish I could provide photos of it although I'm pretty sure that no image can ever represent the word (uneventful).

But just to humor you guys a bit - I've been working out. Yes, working out. As in, sweating out all these calories kind of working out. It isn't the kind where I have to go to the gym and hire a trainer (which would be pretty expensive, if you ask me), it's the type wherein I get to stay in and just.. work out and sweat. It comes with a lot of discipline too and I'm actually having quite a hard time in that area. Okay, so I've been doing some yoga on my own thanks to my mom's Beginner Yoga VCDs. It's been rather relaxing and I've been doing it everyday since last Sunday! Why am I doing this? Self-fulfillment, obviously. Besides, I have a beach trip next month. You must think that it's too early for me to start dieting and stuff but this is also for when classes start! There has got to be something new about me. It's already a given rule. Remember when you were back in grade school and each year you need a new bag, a new pair of shoes (!), new everything - this is kind of like the same thing. I want to shed a couple of pounds. Seriously. It's my last year in college and I need to look good - take note of the word I used: Need.

I do not go to bed without doing yoga first. What can I say, it's a new must for my new-found lifestyle. Now I just need to control my food intake - less carbohydrates, definitely.

Hmm, so what else is new? Oh, right! I applied for an (art) internship!

And yes, it's in Status Magazine! We're not really required to do any sort of On the Job Training (OJT), it's a personal choice - something that would make my resume look good. More work experience = brownie points! Besides, I've always wanted to work for a magazine. And if I do get the job then it would be like fulfilling my dreams!

That right there is their May issue featuring Yoko Ono, an illustration by their Art Director Soleil Ignacio. It's pretty brilliant isn't it?

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