10 Apr 2011

I Quit

You might have noticed on how I stopped posting / updating about the 15-Day Challenge. Yup, I stopped at Day 10.

Anyway, now that I'm absolutely not busy, I started reading again. Like reading, reading. Not the usual stuff I read from the Internet but an actual book. A book I've always wanted to get my hands on but never really got the chance to because it's always out of stock at the bookstores. But yesterday, when my friend and I got into talking about random stuff, she mentioned that she has the book, and she let me borrow it! Wow!

I'm taking it really slowly though since I have so much free time and I'm afraid that I might run out of things to do once I finish the book. You see now why summer isn't exactly my thing? Too much vacancy, not enough money to fill it. Maybe I can ask my dad to get me more books. And maybe I can listen to more music. Probably spend my time making new T-shirts or figuring out what my thesis would be.

Seriously, I hope this will become a productive summer.


Misha said...

I'm currently reading the perks of being a wallflower, hhave got the exact same edition actually xD will definitely be seeing the movie when it comes out over here

Anne Vee said...

Same here! I can't wait. :D Although I'd have to be honest and say that the book wasn't all that good. Kind of sent me back to my depressed state. Charlie is very smart but is also very naive.