22 Apr 2011

Even in the Summer

It's currently 4:20AM, April 22; Good Friday 2011. And I've been checking out random music videos of bands I've been listening to for the past months on YouTube. I'm sure you all know who New Found Glory is. If not, then Google them and check out their tunes (if you're into the same music as me, that is).

This is them.

Well as I was browsing through their multiple videos, I came across one of my favorite songs by them: It's Not Your Fault. See, I never really got around checking out their videos since I'm not much of a YouTube-r but when I do, I make sure that I get to watch a lot.

So the video! It has got to be one of my favorite music videos made ever. It was sweet with an unexpected ending (much like Rookie of the Year's "What is Love"). So if you haven't seen it, then all you have to do is click this.


What a nice way to start good Friday. :)

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