1 Oct 2012

I Went Back to the '90s

The '90s was an incredible time for me as a child, I loved everything about it! The countless boy bands, MTV Most Wanted, watching morning cartoons and having breakfast with my family. Best times of my life. I had no idea what it was like for teenagers during the time, though - parties and the likes. But last Wednesday, my friends threw a party that was in the theme of what I was talking about. So you know what that means.

I didn't have anything to wear down to the last minute that I had to go. But I figured something out eventually, of course.

Before heading over to KYSS where the party was happening, David and I headed over to Greenbelt for his haircut where we also met up with Rutherford and Karla.

Karla and I in Greenbelt. Her pegging The Craft and me pegging Daria, as you can see. You may have noticed how we've switched hairstyles (reference). Very unintentional.

After Greenbelt, we all headed to Paul and AJ's place to prepare and have dinner.


Bruce and Ruther.


Karla and Judd made a video for the event which consisted of our '90s faves.

Nixon Marquez, stylist/DJ

Jujiin Samonte and Rcxy Bautista. Two of the birthday celebrants that night.

Troy and Den.

'90s babies. 
Dave and Den. 
The crowd.

It was a pretty star-studded event. Hmm.

In fact, it was so star-studded even Scary Spice was there!

Twinsies! Rendell and Judd.

David and I.

It was a really fun party! People should totes throw more parties like this. ;)

Photos from: Karla Ynzon, her Instagram and my Instagram.
Post-process for the 10th-13th photos are by me.

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