2 Sep 2012

Stay Okay

This is how I 'celebrated' the first day of September. August wasn't exactly the best there is but I'm really hoping that the first ber month makes up for it.

Some time last week, a friend of mine who was an apprentice of the great Nero Nieva (Tatay Nero) asked me if I wanted a tattoo and I couldn't help but say yes! Besides, she did a good job with my dad's tattoo and I trust her. She didn't fail me, of course.

This is my own design and I'm so happy with it. I knew from the moment that I wanted to get a quote - something in script, but I wasn't sure which one. Karla told me that I need you so much closer was way too cheesy and I immediately got defensive and said that it's a Death Cab For Cutie song, but according to her, not everybody knows this. So I went with the simple, yet straight to the point "Stay Okay". No regrets.

Tattooed by: Regine Sulit of Octopush Ink

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