16 Sep 2012

Christmas Wishlist 2012

Ber months are here again, and it's wishlist season! It has sort of become some sort of tradition for me, hasn't it?

In my spare time (which is, the entire day) I like to go through websites and save photos of the stuff that I like. Most of the time it gets me in this sulky mood because I can't really afford all of them. One by one. So as early as July, I started to compile a bunch of things that I like, saving them in a folder that I named WANTS - pretty self-explanatory, heh. -___-

A bunch of tops from Vans.

Denim cut offs from Topshop.

Denim hoodie, vest and military-inspired button down all from Topshop.

Black skinny jeans and denim cut-offs from Vans.

Acid washed jeans from Topshop.

Snapbacks and beanie from Vans.

Vans OTW sneakers. 
Vans Creepers (Japan Exclusive)

Leopard Sk8-Hi from Vans

Creepers from TUK

Sneaker creepers from TUK

Basic flats and Moccasins from H&M.

Flatforms from NastyGal

You may have noticed that most of the stuff I picked out aren't exactly the girliest things on the face of the planet. Maybe because I practically live in my sneakers.

Dear friends, my shoe size is 7.5-8 (US Women's) and I'm also an 8 (Medium) when it comes to clothes (shirts and jeans).

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