11 Jun 2012


Updating my blog has been a constant struggle, but I do try so give me a little credit here. ;)

The past week has been scorching with heat and endless humidity! Errands filled my Moonleaf 2012 planner to here and there. I'm not complaining though. I must say that it's been fun! Now, where do I start?


June 03, 2012 I had a job interview with an amazing wedding photographer, Jaja Samaniego (Check out her stuff here!) accompanied by two of my close friends who you're probably familiar with by now, Karla and Ruther. In my opinion, the interview went quite well. Anyway, enough about work. Meeting Jaja was really great. During the meeting-slash-interview, I also managed to book Bruce Venida a modelling gig for Jaja and her team the coming Thursday. Feels great! We went to Taft where Karla goes to school after to drop Ruther off because he's our baby (even if he's twice my height).

Fast forward to June 7 (that Thursday), I went to school first to meet up with my dad and then headed to Taft where I'm supposed to meet Karla and Bruce. We arrived in Jaja's place a little later than the call time, though. I feel bad for that one. But everything went great! Jaja's team conducted a talk about photography (of course) and there were fifteen attendees. They were to shoot Bruce, Jill and Pilar, learn how to direct them and what not. However, while they were having their own shoot, Karla and I had a little of ours.

Photography: Karla Ynzon / Anne Vitug (me)
Post-process: Karla (I have yet to get the raw files)

Here are some outtakes!

Sorry if they're blurred. Karla's lens doesn't do the auto-focus thing. It's broken, sadly.

While we were hanging out-slash-waiting for the shoot to start, Karla and I admired Jaja's pad. It was spacious and neat. Oh, and it has a big bathroom! Whoa. We were so smitten with the place that we decided to rent a space around next year when I graduate. I know, we're just inseparable. Plus Bruce who invited himself to the party. Yay! This is going to be great.

After the shoot, we headed over to Willar's place where Ruther, Paul and Mav were for the Salad Dye party. Wish I could participate but maybe when my hair is longer and when I'm finally done with school. We had another mini shoot, then. Not too big.

Me, Willar, Karla, and Bruce.

Meet Willar and his eclectic sense of style.

Mav and The Paulhighness.

Paul, AJ, and Willar.


Our golden boy, Ruther.
After Pasay, we headed straight to Cubao X for Nissy's birthday celebration where we met up with more of our amazing friends.

Willar, Mav, Deo, Cody, Ruther, and myself (with red lipstick, yes)
Deo, me, Cody, Gelo, Juliana, their friend, and Joseph. Karla's behind the camera. And I look fat in this photo.

We had drinks, danced, did silly things before leaving around 1AM. Pretty early but we all had stuff to do the following day.

Anyway, that would be all for today! I know I didn't really talk about the entirety of my week but hey, this is better than nothing right?

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