19 Jun 2012


A couple of weeks ago, my mom delivered the news that I can finally change the color of my walls from a dark sky blue, to white. Took us an entire week to finish painting but the result was amazing!  I've also made a couple of changes here and there, trying to aim for a minimalist approach - to no avail of course since I have too much stuff in my room. You might also notice the mismatched furnitures... do your best to ignore it. Haha!

Opted for black curtains.
LOL at the vintage cabinet.

I also got rid of the hideous shoe rack and replaced it with this super nifty container that easily slides under the bed.

I also have a clothes rack now in my room for some of my favorite clothes.

The bottom part is where I put my favorite pairs of shoes.

Apart from these things, I changed the framed tile that's hanging on my room's door.

From this.

To this.

So what's next for my room? Well, I was kind of hoping that maybe I can change the flooring. ;)


ANNE KATE said...

oooooooooo annne <3 <3 gusto ko narin mag palit ng room color dito sa cavite ; __ ; :))

Anne Vee said...

Go! Anong color gusto mo? Merong isang wall na gusto ko gawing black eh. Hehehe :P

ANNE KATE said...

gusto ko dirty white... na palapit na sa tone ng very light grey... tas may part na naka wall paper pattern na pixelated slant stripes o kaya victorian pattern ahahaha