15 Feb 2011

Cirq Regal: The Runway Spectacle

It was yet again that time of the year where the junior students of the UST College of Fine Arts and Design majoring in Advertising Arts have their annual fashion show (the last of it's kind I must say) entitled Cirq Regal: The Runway Spectacle. The sub-themes being: Mimes, Dolls, Freaks, Wilds, Illusionists, Acrobats, Clowns and Pyros.. respectively. My block's theme was Pyros: House of Crimson Lustre - the finale. And yes, I was part of the production - helping out my designer friends, styling their models, I had fun.

Here are some photos from the event grabbed from my lovely blockmates who had cameras with them.

The Mimes

The Dolls

The Freaks

The Wilds

The Illusionists

The Acrobats

The Clowns

The Fire Breathers / Pyros.

So there you go.. the fashion show. I must say it was rather amazing. The designs were breath-taking.

As for the behind the scene photos, I got one.. just one.

That's us - team Crimson Lustre. :)

Photo credits: Peter Frac, Sherwin Vardeleon, Rupert Tandoc, Janna Ilano, Micah Castaneda, Wilmark Jolindon.
If your photo is here and you were not properly credited, please comment on this post so I can add your name to the list.

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noD the kNee said...

The ones with "Jolindon Photography" belong to Wilmark Jolindon.