8 Feb 2011

Belated Happy Birthday to Me!

So this is a pretty late post regarding my previous birthday celebration. I honestly couldn't think of a different time to be able to rant about that day, tonight is perfect.

I celebrated my non-teen birthday (much to my dismay) and started off with having a make-over. Why not? It's the end of my teenage years, why not do something that would change me to sort of feel like a new person. Also had my nails done and the whole she-bang. I kinda felt like royalty! Sadly, I don't have photos from the make over seeing that my camera was broken at the time (which totally blows). But anyway, after the pampering, I proceeded home to have dinner with my close friends David, Mico and Lo (plus Gabe, my super adorable godson). My mom's best friend also graced the event and we had spaghetti, Haagen Dazs ice cream cake (care of David) and champagne.

The ice cream cake. It was so rich, heavenly and delicious!

The bouquet of flowers David surprised me with. I had no idea he got them for me. He's such a darling! Thank you so much.

Mico and I. It may appear that I was all kilig and smiley and all lovey-dovey but I just couldn't contain my laughter.

David, Lo, me and Mico. Check out our poses! It's like we're in prom.

The night didn't end here, of course. David, Mico and I headed over to the nearest Starbucks that was still open.. which was all the way in Katipunan. After which we went back home.

As for the stuff I got for my so-called special day..

M.A.C. lipstick in Pink Nouveau from David.

Diamond acrylic necklace, camera ring, serpent ring, square ring and a boom box ring. The serpent and square rings are from Mary Nicole.

Toms I bought when I went shopping with Nicole. They're absolutely comfortable I swear I can die in them!

The dress I got (right) the same day I bought the shoes. That's Chean by the way. She's my blockmate.

Anyway, that's it for the birthday post. Up next is a quick update on our batch's fashion show, Cirq Regal: The Runway Spectacle. Must I say that it went rather well? And no, I will not spill the beans just yet. Hold your horses and I'll hold my tongue.. for now. ;)

See you guys in a bit!

Notice the new layout? It's a lot cleaner, more on the pro side actually. Kind of.

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