8 Sep 2010

Project Outer Space

So today, as I was bored out of my wits due to the fact that my brother had been hogging the Internet. Then I thought of customizing some of my stuff. And there it is, my boredom went away all of a sudden. At first I wanted to paint my shirt in this outer space kind of theme, but then I remembered something.. MY PLAIN WHITE SHOES!

I used them once when I went out shopping with Nicole. Well I actually, I used them the moment I paid for it. Now I think it's plain and boring. After deciding what I really want to do with it, I prepared the stuff I need.

What I used
  • Acrylic paint
  • Round and flat bristle brushes
  • Water
  • Canvas; in this case, a pair of white shoes.

And the finished product:

I have yet to paint the sole black because I do not have black acrylic paint, sad to say. But I think i'll manage to look for one outside the house. So, what do you think of my new shoes?

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