23 Sep 2010

New Layout!

After so many months of sticking with such a boring layout, I switched to a more dynamic one. Well, it has more going on than the previous one, don't you think? You know how I can change my mind. One moment I wanna have a clean, simple layout and a filled one (for the lack of the better term) on the next. But I always try to keep things simple.

I am also very proud to show everybody my logo. It has been in my head since last semester and I finally decided to work on it. And the result?

It's simple and modern at the same time, plus I wanted to play around with shapes. It's actually an ambigram! It says AV now and when you turn it upside down, it still says AV! How cool is that?! Okay so it's not that cool. I've actually made use of it already on this layout. Notice the extremely low-res header? Right beside The Diary, comes my logo. So what do you think? One day I'll modify it. The monochrome effect is kind of boring me. And it's too.. empty. Meh. I am too lazy to fix it right now. It's almost three, guys! Give me a break.

Anyway, since I haven't been updating much either, I would like to fill you in with random stuff regarding my life these past weeks.

Honestly, not much has happened. Wordpress still kinda bores me but maybe because I have always been a blogspot girl. It's like a constant in my life - it never changes. Look at it, it's still the same! See what I mean?

Another news is that.. Tyler broke. Yes, he did. I accidentally dropped him while I was in the restroom in Shangri-La and boy I was sent to panic mode. What happened after that? Let me tell you this: Error 99 happened. One of my worst nightmares = Tyler breaking. Canon, why do you make 40Ds like this?! Wasn't it built to last? Tyler's only two years old and I've only dropped him TWICE in it's life. WHY?! Ugh. Now I have to bring it to Canon's service center. Tyler needs help.

The same day that Tyler broke (prior to the program), I hosted The Bakery (the title of Izzy and I's show. It's called that way because we love pastries; don't ask.) on University Rock on NU107 with URockJock Izzy from Ateneo and we had A Boat Called Disaster (ABCD) as our guest band. They were pretty awesome, I tell you! Here are some pics I grabbed from their Facebook page.

(L-R) Kevin Shaw on vocals, Gab Bustos on drums, Marko Francisco on bass, Rafa Joseph and Miguel Velarde on guitars.

Dear God, why do I look like Jollibee in this picture? :( I have such huge cheeks.

It's funny how the three of us at the back (Rafa, me and Gab) have almost the same hair. Okay, it's not funny. It's just some random thing I noticed while looking at this photo (which is my favorite). That's Izzy on the far right, by the way.

Sorry for ruining this photo. I had no idea it was being taken! look like a complete dufus. Pardon my face. If you guys happen to be reading this, see you soon and good luck! You owe us brownies. It will remain engraved in my head until you give us some.

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