7 Jun 2010

Seriously, Blogging

I've never given a thought of blogging seriously. It has always been one of my past times since I was in high school to write about random stuff going on in my life and telling stories. Writing, as most of my previous blog followers know, is something that I've been considering as one of my career paths. Why not, right? I did want to take up Creative Writing and my second choice in UST was Journalism. But then, I still wasn't sure of it. Heck I'm still not sure of anything now!

There are three ways that I am currently considering.
  1. Fashion (as a stylist)
  2. Photographer
  3. Graphic artist / Web developer
Obviously, I cannot have all of them at once. I'm not getting any younger and time will come that I would have to decide. But right now maybe I should try to venture in all of these fields. And wherever I excel the most, that would be the one to choose. Hmm, or maybe I'll just go to Australia for further studies.

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