26 May 2010

JDs and Bs

Last Saturday, we celebrated Ched's 20th birthday. Since we weren't really the type of people who go to clubs, that's exactly what she decided to do. Well I'd have to say that it was a great night. Got drunk, met new people, danced a lot. I even got hit on by some Pakistani / Iranian dude (believe me, that isn't the highlight of my night. I did everything in my abilities to get away from him including telling him that I had a boyfriend). Anyway, it was a rather enjoyable experience and we're actually thinking of doing it again. Hopefully, on that next time, our designated driver doesn't get drunk. We danced 'til we dropped, the music was not so bad, too.

With Ched (right).

The reason why we're drunk.

With Ched and her friends. Now my friends as well. :P

Me and Bettina. Thanks to Mary Nicole for lending me the lovely dress.

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