14 May 2010

I Want You Endlessly

I'm kind of ecstatic because tomorrow I'm actually doing something fun with Nicole! Seriously, who else do you expect me to be with? So it's going to be totally, flipping awesome because we'll be watching Club 8. They're cool. Their music sort of reminds me of Kings of Convenience. In case you haven't noticed yet, I am into indie music. Anyway, the pictures above shows the outfit I chose for later (it's already 2AM here).

  • Floral Peplum zip-up dress
  • Black low-top Chuck Taylors
  • Black long necklace
  • Bowler's hat
  • Black glasses
Nicole doesn't want me to wear the hat but I look stupid without it because right now I look like a boy. My hair's shorter than my brother's and it's really annoying. Makes me wish I never had it cut. But I know it'll grow longer. Can't wait for that day to come.


I look like a dyke. Seriously. I need to pimp up my wardrobe with dresses / skirts and the likes.

That's it.

Good night, happy sleeper / sweet dreamer.

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