26 Sep 2011


The title, obviously from a Beatles song. Could also be taken inspiration from the band, Hellogoodbye - who I've been listening to latelly. It makes me feel like I'm in high school again. Carefree, no problems, good times. Anyway, the reason of which (in regards of my post's title) is because this is my first blog entry for the month of September! So hello September. But then again, it's almost over so I'm here to say an early goodbye.

September has been fairly good. Really good, actually. But of course it can't always be perfect. There were a couple of glitches - none that I can't handle. Still a downside of my month, I'm not going to deny that.

In my recent post, I indicated that I was thrilled about the All Time Low concert that took place last September 22 (Thursday) in the Araneta Colliseum. It was amazing! The only thing that sucked about it were my seats. I was dying to jump up and down and actually mosh if only I wasn't given that much open space. If you must know, I was seated at the top-most and farthest from the stage. I've gotten bitter about this minor detail but all in all, they were beyond amazing. They sound like the freaking record which kind of freaked me out. Anyway, I'm not going to post pictures of that. I did, if that's what you want to know, but they suck big time. There wasn't a specific word of how dismayed I am with that single detail. Upon watching the concert, I made a promise. A promise that it wouldn't be the first and last time I'll be watching them.

I don't know if I've mentioned my plans on this blog but I really don't want to get into detail. Just don't wanna jinx it, is all. But I hope you'll wish me luck! I'd really need it.

Anyway, here are some of the other things that happened this month.

The opening of Moonleaf Tea Shop in P.Noval (September 9, if I remember accurately). I was thrilled to find out that I will finally taste the famous Moonleaf Milk Tea! I obviously had no idea what to order so it took me quite some time to pick one and I ended up with this:

This is the limited edition Peppermint Milk Tea (parang sneakers lang eh no, limited edition) and it was really good! I usually chose the safest order when it came to milk tea - Nai Cha. But this time I decided to pick out something a little out of the norm. I would have tried the Yakult one but this one was too difficult to pass. I have a thing for mint.
Next, is the sudden realization that my room looks like that of a boy's.

I mean, come on. With the blue sheets and blue walls and all that. It just screams MANLY.

And one of the highlights of my month would probably be this:

Yes, I received my activation e-mail for Pottermore last Saturday and I'm so crazy about it! I'm actually one of the first hundreds and thousands of people to be able to try it. It's pretty amazing. Got into Hufflepuff, if that isn't obvious enough. I'm officially a badger. Gained a couple of points for my house and still trying to. Seeing that we have the most members yet we're last in line for the House Cup. I can't just let that happen, right? But then Pottermore just wouldn't let me log in due to "overwhelming demand". Pfft, whatever. I'll just wait it out then since I don't really have a choice. Oh, and if you'd like to add me, my username is "ProphecyCastle8".

Okay so that's some of it.

There's something that's been bugging me though. I've been feeling a little sullen lately since after the All Time Low concert. Maybe it's PMS or whatever but it's just honestly really annoying. Seriously though, I know that I just want to get out of here. The Philippines is making me stuffy and I don't like stuffy. Almost made me feel claustrophobic.

But there's no point of being all brooding. So here's an awesome line from All Time Low's song, weightless.

Maybe it's not my weekend, but it's gonna be my year.

Never fails to lift my spirit.

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