29 Sep 2011

Anne's Fool-Proof Ways to Survive Hell Week

Oh look, another blog post for the month of September? Came too soon? I don't think so.

Anyway, the recent couple of days on the Interweb have been.. uneventful so to speak. Seeing that there was a typhoon (Pedring) and we lost power for about 36 hours, which was incredibly annoying! And I was basically itching to go on Pottermore to brew a bunch of potions for my house (Hufflepuff). If you have Pottermore, don't forget to add me. I'm ProphecyCastle8. (Shameless plug right there!)

While the power was out, I had a lot of time in my hands to ponder about my next entry (this). So here it is:

Anne's Fool-Proof Ways to Survive Hell Week

  1. Make a playlist - For me this is a crucial part of going through hell week. It's important to match your mood with your chosen set of songs. While working on my truck load of plates, I often blast rock music - an obvious favorite of mine. I might be biased but believe me, I also listen to other genres though I'm very selective about it. Recently I've been playing a lot of Pierce the Veil, Four Year Strong and A Day to Remember. I steer clear of some good 'ol All Time Low, Mayday Parade, The Maine, Fall Out Boy and the likes since their songs (more often than not) bring me to reminiscing which isn't really the purpose of making a playlist.
  2. Write a "To Do" list - This one works just like magic! It keeps you in line and in track of all the things you need to accomplish within a certain span of time. I usually write mine in a planner but then I barely even open that thing, so for this hell week I tried something different. I got a bunch of post-its and stuck them on my mirror since I usually (as narcissistic as it sounds) glance at my reflection. My mirror's attached to a cabinet and I pass by it all of the time. Plus, I strategically positioned my post-its on the part where I can usually see my face to remind me of the work I have to accomplish.
  3. Stay away from the interweb - This is probably the hardest thing for me to do during finals week. I'm always in front of the laptop, guaranteed! Another reason why it's so difficult for me to not be online is because of all these stories I stumble upon. Okay, I admit it, I'm a geek for amateur stories. They keep me entertained at all costs. But since it is that time of the semester, I am consistently reminding and restraining myself from this. You should focus on what you have to need to do, not on you want to do.
  4. Stack ip on the 3-in-1s - Whether you like it or not, caffeine will be your new best friend especially when you're a professional procrastinator / crammer like me!
  5. Stay awake - Don't you even dare take a power nap! You'll only end up sleeping for more than eight hours. I'm not saying this just because, this is based on experience, kids. Keep in mind that when this is all over, you can get all the sleep you want.
  6. Keep a positive outlook - Extremely important! You must have the will to finish everything. No need for sulking or anything over-dramatic. Just do what you gotta do as a student.
  7. Nail it! - Probably the hardest part of this whole guide. Well okay, hard for me as a fine arts student seeing that our grades usually depend on the professor's tastes and mood.
  8. Give yourself a prize - Now this is for when it's all over. This is something to look forward to once you've accomplished everything. Get a well-deserved massage or maybe a trip to the salon to get yourself pampered (I'll be doing the latter).
So there! I can't believe I actually finished an all-text blog post! Okay, so maybe I'm not yet done. I have yet to hand out a couple of tips for you college students out there who feel like dying during this difficult time.

Tips for everyone who's stressing over exams / plates / deadlines
  • Don't skip meals. At first you might think that it's alright since you get to lose weight but then it causes headaches which isn't really a pleasant company while studying / doing your thing.
  • Drink lots of water. If you aren't a fan of caffeine, drink ice-cold water instead. Not only does it help wake you up but also helps remove toxins from your body.
  • Take Vitamin C! It is an unwritten rule for almost all college students to not sleep when it is called for. Lack of sleep brings down our immunity system so don't forget to back it up.
And I'm really done. I hope this blog post has somewhat helped you!

I honestly have not put this much effort into composing a post for my blog. Do I get props for this?

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