17 Nov 2010

Welcome to The Real World

The blog that I've been working for (LILY) closed down. Apparently we were not able to achieve a certain number of readers at a certain amount of time. It was such a shame, I had so much fun with it.

Anyway I haven't blogged in a while and I honestly don't know what to say because it feels like I've been out of circulation in so long that I forgot how to communicate properly through this.

Oh, right! First and foremost I would like to inform you that my first week of classes have gone well. Actually I've only been to school twice since our official first day last Wednesday. I feel like such a couch potato now, having a hard time getting off this seat and to the shower has been excruciating.. what more if I have to go all the way to UST for my attendance to be checked? But then again, it's all good.

Last Monday (one of the two times I went to school), after my class that got suspended at 3pm because of the transport strike, I headed to Shangri-La to meet up with my dad *kaching, kaching!*. Also to see Den for a bit to simply show off my new tattoo care of Gab Bustos last Saturday (which I will post a picture of, soon. Using my aunt's 30D which isn't as good as my 40D but is good enough). After meeting up with Den and having pastries with my dad, we headed over to Mega Mall to check out the department store and of course, Forever 21. There were no plans of shopping but when I saw a black bodycon skirt in my size (there was only one left), I took it with no hesitation! It was for a really, really cheap price. You wouldn't have thought it would be that low! Also got an awesome tank top with a nice ethnic-looking print on it (Will wear this today).

Life has been well. Too bad I won't be able to bomb you guys with photos of the previous weeks since there are basically none. BUT I will post a picture of myself in the beach. And if you know me personally, I very rarely head over to the beach because I don't want to get dark. I always have a hard time regaining my old fair skin tone.

No, this is not Boracay. This was taken in Canigao, an island in Leyte that is so small you can walk around the entire place in less than an hour. Yes, it's that puny. Check out the white sand! It's such a shame that I'm not really fond of swimming and beaches. And you can totally see my tattoo on this picture, so yay!

Anyway, I've been looking for a photo of my new F21 tank top from Google but to no avail. Kinda sucks. Maaaan, I need to get my camera fixed.

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