30 Nov 2010


Currently in school, trying to focus on doing some activity. Drawing involved of course. But I'm still kind of figuring out how I'm ever going to execute this. It's easy sure but laziness sure does get in the way like holy hell!

Let me amuse you guys with a couple of pictures first - eye candy!

Halloween's over. I might have pulled the blue lipstick off. But then it probably wouldn't have matched my costume which was of.. a mouse. Well basically they're just mouse ears worn with casual clothing. Just for the sake of dressing up this halloween.

As most of you might have remembered, I was stuck in the hotel room in Ormoc (Leyte) because my flight back to Manila got cancelled. Meaning, no parties and definitely no getting wasted.

This is me filling you in with the previous events that happened in my life. This blog is far more abandoned than I thought.

Watched the movie Whip It as well just a couple of weeks back. It was very interesting. Considering that Ellen Page was in it and I thought the setting was during the 80's when roller blading or whatever it is they prefer calling it was a huge hit. Never thought it still is in Texas. But wait, the story is based on a true story right?

Sid and Nancy. I don't think I need to have a proper excuse to post this. It's Sid and freaking Nancy for crying out loud!

Been trying to get inspired when it comes to illustrating. I'm in my third year and I still don't know what thesis to take. Book illustration is on my top three. The other one is total ad campaigne. Don't know about the third yet. Anyway, I still have not worked on my style.

Let me end with something worth seeing. And most definitely worth drooling.

Ash Stymest and Luke Worral, anyone? ;)

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