3 Dec 2008

Not too much of a "pleaser"

I've never cried this much since my mother threw my cellphone on the ground and kicked it. That was during summer, before school started. And last night I have experienced a kind of feeling that wasn't exactly the butterflies-in-my-stomach type. It was the exact opposite. And the fact that I cried myself to sleep because of a boy is just soooo nerve-racking. So, crying over a guy.. the last time I did was more than three years ago. And that was it.

Last night was a bit different. I cried a lot today, too. But I wouldn't want to go through all the gory details because I might cry again. Hearing his songs for me are enough to make me want to bawl. Ugh, I am such a big baby.

So much for that. Let's move on to something a bit more important (as if there's something more important to me than him).

School isn't exactly killing me, but it's not fun either. Honestly, second semester is boring. Unlike the first semester which was uber fun and I don't know why. But don't get me wrong here, I'm happy. Very happy. Because of him, of course. Even if we always fight. Wait, that's not the point. My feelings toward school is pretty satisfactory. Not too much excitement if you ask me. The only excitement I get is after all my classes when I sneak out and meet up with him.

I know that eventually, this post will be about him. So I better stop before I start missing him more than I already do.

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