29 Aug 2008

Meet Excema

Went to the derma last night to have my skin checked with my mom. Turns out I have excema. I knew it. I've had this since high school I guess and it sort of came back. It's worse now though, with the pollution, the food I eat and the stress I couldn't avoid at all. So right now I'm under medication and my parents are watching closely at my diet (what I eat and what I don't eat). No chicken, or anything fishy or malansa.

I think I should avoid going to parties.
I might end up smoking my lungs out. And to think that I'm trying to quit.. and I've already managed a few weeks with out the huffing and puffing.. but it's coming back again. Thank you very much Sir Araw for triggering my bad habit again. He told me I flunked my prelim plate in Lettering. And the annoyed person that I was just had to go down stairs and smoke. So after smoking, we went back to the classroom, and I found out that I actually got a 90. A freaking NINETY. I passed. :| Not that it's a bad thing or anything, actually it's a great thing. But the fact that he just had to SAY that I didn't pass made me all pissy. Not good. Me + pissed = cigarettes. Hello! Somebody's trying to quit here. D:

If you're, a family friend or what, just shut your pucker up. I'd really appreciate that. Although my mom is aware, I don't think you should open the topic to any one of my family.

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