29 Dec 2007

When 'shift' doesn't work

right now i'm typing with small caps because the 'shift' button of the keyboard doesn't work. the one on the right side does but it's just such a hassle to look at the keyboard again to see if i'm pressing the right button. and i don't want to be in any sort of hassle. heh, basta yun na! hanggang sa paglalagay nalang ako ng exclamation point at question mark. gawaing tamad. and besides, i'm not at home. i hope that we'd have 'net connection again by january. and besides, it's my birthday month *wink*.

anywayyyyy, christmas is over and i'm itching for a party. well you see i'm not a frequent party-goer. i only do so when i'm with my friends.. and that's very rare. so yeah, me and my cousin, alex.. are in need of one. just because we don't want to end our 2007 at home.. AGAIN. but looks like that's what we're going to do.. stay at home. sob.

i'm proud to say that i have a Starbucks '08 planner already. all those coffee i drank over and over again and the double sticker promo i tried to catch. it was all worth it. i love my planner :D i guess i'd have to start writing my plans in it for real. ;) tee-hee.

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