25 Dec 2007

If Hitler Shaved All The Time...

I haven't been blogging for more than a month now. And it's freaking CHRISTMAS!!!! Will you believe that I'm actually spending my Christmas in an Internet cafe? Well, just do.

Just so you know, my Christmas wasn't as action-packed as last year's. Last Christmas, my dad wasn't here because he went abroad. Then just went back mid-2007 (this year). This year wasn't that loaded (with gifts) or anything like such. But it was fun, really fun. Because my imported cousins (as I am fond of calling them) came home this Christmas all the way from Down Undah. But wait, is New Zealand a part of Australia? Anyway, yun na. Basta I'm making it clear for all of you that they came home from New Zealand. It's fun! Chelsea (or Chelsie.. however it's spelled), my niece (she's my cousin's daughter), came here too. It's also amazing to see (and know) that my niece has pretty hazel eyes, tanned skin, and brown hair. She also has this naughty (and sort of seductive) smile.. and that's at six years old - or is she five?


Halos dalawang b'wan na kaming walang 'net. And I'm actually surviving. Haha! Kahapon tsaka ngayon nakapag-net ako ng mejo matiwasay naman. Pero syempre iba parin pag nasa bahay ka diba?

May production na 'ko. With Cassie, Jobel, Bebang and ate Tza.
Fight Scene Production
So if you're in a band, and you want to have a gig, we're currently open for line-up. The gig will be on February 2, 2008. No worries, it's a Saturday.

Aside from that, I'm doing pretty well. I'm also very thankful for my mom. I felt so bad last night during the present-giving sa bahay. Kasi sya lang walang gift from us. :( So I'm getting her something REALLY nice. Di ako magkukuripot. Promise. That's how much I loooove my mom! Oh and I'm getting dad a present too, of course. Good thing we're going to Glo tomorrow. But I'm going with Cassie. Maybe Jobel and Bebang as well. Hah.

JANUARY 25. The day before I turn seventeen. My Chemical Romance will be here! FINALLY! Nakakainis lang. Because after Fall Out Boy, everybody's starting to have concerts here. Beyonce, As I Lay Dying (Jan. 14), Paramore, Incubus (AGAIN, on March 9) and all those bands. I might get my tickets tomorrow. Too bad we weren't able to buy earlier.. just to get the good seats. Okay so you might say that MCR isn't really worth seeing. But I've been at it since I could remember. And for me, they're really good and I love them. They're mainstream, so what? I'd have to admit that I didn't like their third album. I was more into their first and second. Although their new songs are also good, I'm not just a fan of it. Basta! Anglabo no? Bottom line: I love them and I'm seeing their concert.

If only money wasn't a problem.

They're playing Ever After here. I miss yesterday.

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